The Dragon and The Phoenix


This is the start of a new journey for me and – I hope – also for you, dear reader.

The purpose of this blog is to take a deep dive into everything we believe and assume about the world we live in: why we think it works the way it does; what we think we can and cannot change; how we think it is going to evolve or crash & burn; … And then to imagine what would happen if we could turn some of those beliefs and assumptions upside down.

What would happen if we stop believing that some things simply cannot be changed, and we – even for a moment – look at the world with fresh eyes? Maybe, if we can change even a few of our basic assumptions, our options widen and change enough for us to be able to create a new model of reality: one that resolves our current dysfunctions and enables us to move forward in more balanced, harmonic, and constructive way.

This blog is part of a personal journey spanning many years of looking into belief-systems: my own, our collective beliefs, cultures and societies. I had planned to publish my conclusions in a book, whith the working title “The Dragon and The Phoenix”, but the journey turned out to be longer and more complicated than I originally thought. At some point I realised it could (and probably will) take me many more years to put something together that would be both complete, coherent, and powerful enough to justify the publication in book form.

Which is OK in itself – I can live happily without having published a book – but has one major drawback: as long as I am on this journey of discovery, I won’t be sharing any of my findings with the rest of the world. Any discoveries I make, and any benefits those discoveries come with, would be just for me, and possibly some of my family members and close friends.

That, as some of those close friends have begun to point out to me, would be a real pity, and somehow misses the point of my whole exploration. If I truly belief that a new collective belief-system is needed for humanity for us to have a chance to evolve out of our current predicament, then keeping my findings to myself is not going to help anyone, let alone the world. As long as I don’t share what I am discovering, the world will just stay on its current course of destruction and crisis.

I may have it all wrong, of course. None of what I have to say may ultimately matter. My thesis may prove to be mistaken, or my voice to weak to be heard. But if I don’t share, and don’t at least try to be heard, I will fail for certain.

So, prodded along by dear friends and family, and by a growing sense of urgency, I have at last decided to start this blog as a way to share what I am finding on my journey of discovery.

It will not always be complete. It will not always be profound. It will, at times, be more questions than answers. But it will, I hope, be interesting, thought-provoking, and challenging enough for people to join in and walk parts of this journey with me.

So, dear reader, this is my invitation to you. Please join me on the ride of a lifetime. Are you ready to look at the foundations of the reality you belief in, and shake them, prod them, and topple them, to see what reality could look like if we let go of our most deeply cherished certainties?

Join me then, on this adventure, so we can find out together what reality is made of…


8 thoughts on “The Dragon and The Phoenix

  1. Bard
    I would truly be honored to share this info. Your journey. A few of us feel passionately about the process ur embarking on. Helping this earth reset to a more positive point of becoming. Friends in Victoria I’m currently are with. Have just started writing articles in a magazine discussing ur mind set. I will share this site with my friend Mark.
    In loving kindness Evie

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