The River

7 – Moving

Moving - (c) Bard 2018
Moving – (c) Bard 2018

Once set in motion the water ceaselessly seeks to descend, to leave the high places that kept it captive for so long and find its way down. It sneaks past rocks and gravel, through ruts and gullies, over sand and pebbles. Too weak to carve out a path for itself, the tiny rivulets are forced to find their way around even the smallest obstacles. But the water persists and keeps going, sometimes finding tiny openings to flow away through, sometimes stalled just long enough for enough water to collect to create a force strong enough to push the obstacle away, so the rush downwards can continue.

One thought on “The River

  1. The cleansing healing of water. When I was younger and life was painful my healing was always to find my warm coat, a strong coffee and sit in the car on a jetty the Stormier the water the better. The the cold winter was no match for the power of the water to wash away my pain. The River is a great reminder how precious water is for our healing and survival. Thank you Bard for you reminder of mothers precious gifts.


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