The River

1 – Separating

The Sun rises over an endless ocean – (c)Bard 2017

Clear blue skies over an endless ocean, basking in the merciless light of a hot yellow Sun. As the water warms it rises to the surface, to be warmed even more. There is power in being part of an ocean, comfort and a sense of belonging, of being home. And yet, on the surface, directly exposed to the blinding light of the Sun, the dark soothing vastness of the ocean loses some of its attraction and the sky, equally vast, but filled with light and lightness seems to call, promising new experiences of a faster and more varied kind: the prospect of a new existence. And so, some of the water separates itself from the oneness of the ocean, becomes vapour and gets lifted up into the separateness of being a tiny droplet in an infinite sky.

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